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互联网时代 家居品牌营销如何做到多样化?

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In recent years, the Internet has changed the form of household products, sales channels, business and profit-making models. Of course, it also includes the popular entertainment marketing means in the context of Internet communication. This new marketing method of younger, more diversified and entertainment is being rapidly applied to the field of home.
In the final analysis, this change of cross-border pan-entertainment marketing mode, mainly to please young consumers, get more attention and psychological identity of these consumers, and then maximize the brand effect of home.
紧跟潮流 品牌营销注入新元素
Keep up with trend brand marketing and inject new elements
When the Internet is developing, some people have used "eyeball economy" to locate its business mode. From this point of view, in the "Internet +" era, home enterprises are more willing to operate the Internet as a media resource. Relying on the innovation driven by the Internet, the traditional way of home marketing has also become more diversified and broader.
Oldest and traditional marketing, but also focused on the ground promotion: single-page distribution, promotional activities, into the community, to roadshow. Later, it evolved into joining the high altitude, TV and advertisement made promotion more three-dimensional, and the Internet gave home enterprises more choices, more variants of the platform appeared. In addition to the construction of e-commerce platform in Shangyun, there was also the emergence of an ecological circle to create fan economy, such as home enterprises have set up micro-blog, micro-message self-Media platform, Tongtong. Passing the brand idea and product value to gather fans and cultivate loyal consumers.
In the future, the concept of "Internet +" and its practical deduction are now giving us more attention to experience and focus on interactive scene construction. Therefore, in the past one or two years, there has been a new trend of social interaction, such as live broadcast. As one businessman said when he talked about this phenomenon, "I am afraid that the enterprise will grow old, so we need to change our image to adapt to the new stage of development. With the help of some marketing activities, the brand idea is cleverly disseminated with the help of the power of stars. This is a way to excavate the social value of entertainment resources in depth. This way of entertainment can help enterprises maximize the brand effect. Therefore, a lot of net red live interaction has become a new way of business.
Although the actual effect of online Red live broadcasting on powder absorption, it is not known how much household enterprises can benefit from this form. But for home enterprises, it is still a positive attempt to brand younger, "close" to young users, and play happily with young people. Essentially, all these are around the platform to strengthen interaction with fans, enhance user stickiness, and then build the fan ecosphere.
The diversification of promotion platform has created a new way of aggregation of fan economy. It is also enough to make people look forward to the next 3-5 years. In the era of more accurate big data, closer user distance, more open ecology and faster innovation-driven, what new elements will household enterprises inject into the platform strategy?
跨界泛娱乐 最大化品牌效应
Cross border pan entertainment maximize brand effect
On the one hand, it is a multi-choice question of the platform, on the other hand, it connects the era of consumer upgrading of the Internet tide, and also provides impetus for home enterprises in marketing promotion to cross-border transformation of entertainment, composing an exuberant and interesting proposition.
It can be seen that the Internet has promoted changes in the form of home products, sales channels, business and profit-making modes, including popular entertainment marketing methods in the context of Internet communication, which have been rapidly applied to the field of home furnishing. In the final analysis, this change is mainly to please young consumers and obtain these consumers. More eyes remain and psychological identification.
To this end, turning on the TV, many hot TV variety arts, but also attracted a lot of home enterprises into heavy money, familiar with each other. You can understand the good intentions of household enterprises, but why do some entertainment entertainment entertainments that seem impossible to beat IP? In fact, this is precisely because the era of connecting consumption is in a transitional period, which reflects the characteristics of the times, the main manifestation of which is the replacement of mainstream consumers: when all kinds of wifi, wifi, etc. The function of Bluetooth and infrared scanning intruding into the home is inevitable. As a "fresh man", 80 and 90 become the forerunners and main consumers of household transformation.
For a household brand, according to relevant market personnel, consumers aged 25-35 have accounted for 70% of its target customers. It can be said that the trend of younger is becoming more and more obvious. In order to get the attention of these consumers, we must learn to communicate with them. For these consumers, the influence of the old home brand is broken at different ages, and through the mentality of playing, entertainment marketing can undoubtedly carry out the brand year quickly and effectively. The upgrading of light, fashion and high-end will achieve the effect of entertaining and entertaining.
Therefore, whether it is television entertainment or network entertainment, can play, hey just right, is good dissemination and promotion. Therefore, whether it is for industry leading brands or other small and medium-sized household brands, with the help of some entertainment marketing activities, cleverly spread the brand concept with the help of the power of stars. This is a way to dig the entertainment resources into the depth of social value. This entertainment way can help enterprises maximize brand effectiveness. Yes.
更理性认识与定位 转向用户不掉粉
More rational knowledge and positioning to turn users into powder