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互联网巨头们投资乐融致新 押宝智能家居未来

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Perhaps LTV has been in the doldrums for too long, so when it released its semi-annual report of a loss of $1.1 billion in the first half of 2018, a loss exceeding gross operating income and a net asset of $477 million, its share price rose that morning and was close to a halt. It may be believed that "Tai Chi Lai" is not a rule, but sometimes it is only wishful thinking.
If Jia Yueting continues to turn his back on his books, Lok Tung and Lok Rong will lead to a new future or go their separate ways. The company may lose the new controlling right of its core subsidiary, LeRongzhong, which will further reduce its operating income and net profit. If its net assets continue to be negative throughout the year, there is a risk of delisting.
At present, the network and Jia Yueting's Lexus Holdings and other related parties, has confirmed about 6.7 billion debt. According to the published progress, firstly, Lenovo acquired Lenovo Finance in exchange for equity with creditor's rights, of which 1.37 billion yuan was used to offset the debts of related parties to Lenovo; secondly, it transferred the debts of related parties to Lenovo. 170 million yuan; thirdly, it offset the future rent of 550 million yuan paid by Lenovo; moreover, Lenovo Holdings intends to auction its holdings. Lok Rong has created a new equity interest to repay the new debt owed to Lok.
Judging from the above progress, LETV has not yet formed a "comprehensive and effective" debt solution with related parties. Therefore, the network is still short of money, operating activities in the first half of the net cash flow generated by - 850 million yuan, talk about how to revive.
In addition, the two shareholders who currently control the management of LTV network Rongchuang (the actual controller of Tianjin Jiarui), if LTV network is well done, the biggest beneficiary is still the majority shareholder of LTV network Jia Yueting (the actual controller of LTV holding). Sun Hongbin, the boss of Rongchuang Group, has become smarter. Last year, he invested 15 billion yuan in the "rescue" of LTV, Rongzhixin and LTV, but Jia Yueting's $6.7 billion arrears to the listed companies have not been repaid. You are irresponsible. Can I help you?
LETV has been getting closer to the "delisting" channel. Sun Hongbin would not be willing to see 15 billion of all investment. The establishment of Lok brand in the first half of this year is obviously his "back burner".
This year, Lexus, which is in charge of Lexus color TV business, completed a new round of financing. It introduced strategic investors such as Tencent, Jingdong, Suning and TCL to raise about 2.7 billion yuan. Lexus also changed its name to Lexus. Not long ago, Lok Rong launched a new brand of "happy fusion". Liu Shuqing, chairman and general manager of LETV, is now another CEO.
The answer is simple: bet on the future of smart homes.
Although the domestic color TV market sales for half a year is down, but the future trend of fine decoration of real estate is certain, so direct counterpart real estate developers, to provide a complete set of smart home solutions, is one of the important breakthroughs in the color TV industry. And Lok Rong's new and Lok brand supporters are syndicate group. It can be imagined that no matter how ups and downs the domestic color TV market, Rongchuang Group's real estate and cultural city projects smart home, smart community, smart business solutions, is clearly the reality of demand. Why not invest a little money and divide the market?
In the activation of smart TV screen value, Jia Yueting "sell content, send TV" road smashed. But the real spring of intelligent big screen is just beginning. As the number of smart TVs and smart boxes activated rises and the number of subscribers who pay for digital TV declines, the number of OTT subscribers activated will surpass the number of subscribers who pay for digital TV in 2019, according to the 2018 OTT Industry Trend Analysis Report. In 2017, domestic OTT advertising revenue was 2 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 147% over the same period, and the OTT screen media value is rapidly expanding. Therefore, after experiencing pain, the Internet TV camp has set out afresh, Lerong Zhi launched a new "Lerong" brand, micro-whale projection market segmentation.
There are still good days ahead, but Jia Yueting is in arrears with such a huge amount of accounts receivable, Sun Hongbin does not want to play with him. At present, LTV has pledged 34.9398% of its new registered capital to Tianjin Jiarui Rongchuang Group. Next, it depends on Jia Yueting's attitude, he also paid the listed company, then Lerong Zhixin and Lexin bundled development; if not repay debt, Lerong Zhixin will "fly alone".

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