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Daughter Xiaowan is becoming more and more disrespectful now. She gave up her studies, never returned home, often half a month without a person, I tried my best to find a job for her, but she did not say a word to the boss of the squid. Relatives looked down on her, neighbours laughed at her and made me look up, but she blamed me for all this. I'm afraid she has no knowledge and no skills, and it will be a problem for her to make a living in the future, but she said indifferently that it's not as important to depend on men as you do. I was so angry that until now we were all in the cold war.
I've also had my best years of youth, not just women who depend on men to support themselves.
At the age of 19, I came to Wuhan from the countryside to work. Shortly after working, I met Fuyun. We soon became lovers. Fuyun has a good family. He is going to open his own restaurant. I am duty-bound to take part in it. On the day of starting a business, he was both a boss and a hard worker, while I worked as a purchasing, cashier, small laborer and waiter. I went to bed at two or three o'clock in the morning.
In one or two years of starting a business, it was the happiest time for Fuyun and me. Our business soon got better and our daughter was born. But at that time, we had no time to take care of our children, so we could only foster her in our parents'home in the countryside.
Slowly, we bought three apartments downtown, and I started wearing gold and silver. After the business got on track, I met some rich ladies, and learned to play mahjong with them, and taught Fuyun, hoping he would find some pleasure. But I never imagined that Fuyun was addicted to it. He started staying up all night, even playing fire gambling. His card addiction became more and more serious. Within a year, our hard-earned house was lost by Fuyun.
Fuyun didn't ask about business. I couldn't do anything about it. Finally, he was caught in the police station for gambling. When he returned, the store was about to close down. We divorced noisily, and I took my daughter with me, shared a house and the rest of my savings, and began to live alone.
Because my daughter broke up three times
A woman with children and no stable career, I know how difficult it is. Through the introduction of my friends, I am ready to step into marriage again.
Sun Biao was the first to appear. We soon cohabited, but soon I found out that he was unwilling to bear all the expenses of the family, much less to support his daughter. Four months after living together, I parted company with this stingy man.
The second man, Chen Ying, is a contractor with a house and a car. He divorced his ex-wife because he could not bear children. Together, we seem to find the feeling of first love. He bought me expensive fashions, gave me big rings and took me to Hong Kong to play. With his help, I sent my daughter to a private boarding school.
However, I soon found out that Chen Ying had an ambiguous relationship with several women. This time, I can only choose to leave painfully again. Without the financial support, I transferred my daughter from boarding school to ordinary high school. At that time, Xiaowan began to play truant.
Finally, I met Zhang Li. He is just a wage earner, but he cooks well and is a man who knows cold and hot. At this time, I am 36 years old, this kind man, let me have the feeling of wanting to start a family.
But shortly after remarrying, financial distress began to afflict us. His ex-wife was laid off and his twins were admitted to college at the same time, which required tens of thousands of tuition fees a year, all of which were borne by him. His salary began to fall short of his income, so I had to take out the savings allowance. At that time, his daughter left home, his ex-wife was in constant trouble, and we were all exhausted by their families. The happiness of remarriage is like a piece of paper, which is broken with a slight poke.
I was left alone. My daughter became all my hopes. However, she dropped out of school and played everywhere. It made me feel sad and anxious. When did she become a bad child? How can I teach my daughter back?
Daughter said: no mother pain grass
When I was very young, my mother sent me to my grandmother's home in the countryside. Every time my mother came back to the countryside with jewelry, she would look at me in disgust, like a stranger without blood relationship.
Only during the Spring Festival did I get to my home in Wuhan. But it's not laughter that fills my ears, it's abuse and crying between my parents. When I really came back to my mother, my strange father had disappeared.
When Sun Biao, the first unknown man, appeared at home, my mother asked me to call Dad. But I couldn't shout out, my mother said to me, she wanted to remarry, in order to give me a good environment, can stand out. But every time the school charges, they start to quarrel. Sun Bihong scolds me for dragging the oil bottle. Mother cries and complains that I am not angry. I become the main culprit in the family.
Sun Biao left and Chen Ying appeared again. I remember clearly that my mother glowed with a happy expression that she had never had before. Chen Ying was generous and sent me to boarding school. And mother herself, with Chen Ying Tiannan Haibei everywhere to play, the relationship between my mother and me, only the monthly living expenses.
I just got used to the luxury life of boarding school, but overnight, my mother transferred me to another ordinary high school, let me be seen as a joke by my classmates. Mom was surrounded by another man and married Zhang Li. I don't look up to that crap man. He has to bargain for a handful of onions.
In the new school, my grades are backward. In the sense of loss, I am better with the problem teenager Wang Hai in everybody's eyes. I began to play truant, go to the bar with Wang Hai and play games. Wang Hai persuaded me to leave home and go to Shenzhen, but we got off the train and were deceived.

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