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江苏户籍新政 身份证申领、换领、补领业务全省

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New household registration policy in Jiangsu
On November 11th, Jiangsu issued 10 measures to deepen the management of population services, including identity card exchange, reimbursement, provincial general office, household registration police station "one-stop" and urban household registration relocation in five cities of northern Jiangsu.
According to the new deal, from January 1st next year, Jiangsu will expand the scope of acceptance of identity cards. Within the scope of the District, the identity card is applied for, changed and reclaimed. The registration of identity cards and the replacement of business cards will not be restricted by domicile and domicile.
According to the new policy, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Huaian, Yancheng and Suqian took the lead in implementing the household registration system. From January 1, next year, the residents of the above five cities can freely move their household registration in urban areas within the scope of five cities by legally stable residence (including leasing) or legally stable employment and participating in urban social insurance.
The new deal also relaxed the migration conditions of some accounts in rural areas. The conditions for the transfer of residence registration, such as students enrolled in higher education, veterans enrolled in the army, retirees working in other places due to the need of national construction, to return to their original place of origin and to join relatives, have been relaxed.
Jiangsu issued ten new household registration policies
Identity card application, renewal and supplement business is run throughout the province, and the household registration window of the police station handles business in a "one-stop" way. On the 11 day, the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau released ten measures to deepen the management of population service. The introduction of these ten new policies has made Jiangsu residents handle household business more conveniently, loosely and more closely. In addition to the implementation of the 3 items from the date of promulgation, the remaining 7 items will be implemented from January 1st next year.
If the identity card expires or loses, it has to go back to the old home. This may be the trouble many people have encountered. As a Jiangsu people, it will not bother you from January 1st next year. From January 1, 2019, Jiangsu will expand the scope of acceptance of resident identity cards. Within the scope of districts and cities, the application, renewal and reissue of household registration personnel's resident identity cards shall be conducted throughout the city; the reissue and reissue of household registration personnel's resident identity cards shall be conducted throughout the province, and shall not be restricted by the place of household registration or residence.
Not only will the business conditions be relaxed, but also the local household business will be more convenient. According to the new deal, the public security police station's household registration window has "one-stop" business. Since January 1, 2019, the household registration window of the provincial public security police stations has comprehensively accepted the household registration, resident identity card, temporary resident identity card, residence card and other business, created a 15-minute service circle for the convenience of the people, implemented household registration, residence window acceptance, on-line operation, graded approval, and realized the close, one-stop and one-time handling of the people's affairs. Do.
Reporters noted that the new deal also has a distinct feature, which is to respond to the concerns of the masses and further reduce the materials needed for household affairs. The fifth item of the New Deal relaxes the immigration conditions for children and parents to depend on each other outside the city. It stipulates that unmarried children can apply for their parents in urban areas or in families where they are legally and stably domiciled. If the applicant is unable to provide proof of their marital status, the public security organ can verify it by means of information sharing or accept it in writing by the applicant. Article 8 of the New Deal expands the scope of acceptance of resident identity cards in different places. For the replacement and replacement of identity cards in different places within the province, other certification materials such as employment, schooling and residence are no longer required.
At the same time, the second provision of the new deal abolished the duplication of materials provided by mass work. From now on, we will thoroughly clean up the matters concerning the submission of photocopies of certification materials in household registration, resident identity cards, residence cards and other businesses, and prove that the materials are indeed necessary to be retained. The accepting units shall retain archival materials by means of data sharing or self-copying, scanning and photographing, and no longer require the applicants to provide photocopies.
There are two convenient measures to be implemented immediately. First, we should further promote the "Internet + household service", and rely on the "flagship store" and "micro police" cluster of public security to promote the "full line and full online" of household business, and realize the functions of online booking, online acceptance, online processing, schedule inquiry, etc., to provide internal line consulting services for working hours; two, to open identity cards. Residence permit for "green channel". From now on, it will provide residents with ID cards in urgent need of taking important examinations and competitions, as well as "green passages" for those who need to apply for residence cards in urgent need of employment, schooling and medical treatment, and enjoy services such as priority acceptance, priority uploading of information and priority making of certificates. It will produce and issue certificates in the shortest possible time and guarantee the people's ID cards to the maximum extent. Demand.
In addition, the new deal has launched a caring service. From now on, public security organs will provide reminders for residents'ID cards by means of micro-letters, short messages, etc. to avoid the situation that residents whose ID cards have expired do not know themselves.

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