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作者:admin  日期:2018-10-26 10:59  人气:
It's a strange thing to say. Now I know that there is a kind of technology virgin in the world besides virgins and non-virgins. Otherwise, there is a whole world. My girlfriend is one of them.
My girlfriend used to be a lady in a dance hall. Of course, I didn't know about her past. Otherwise, I wouldn't have accepted her as my girlfriend. Men, just go out and play. Anyone would have liked her to be a lady. My girlfriend used to sleep with at least a hundred men, and when I learned all this, I felt like a chicken pecked at me. I believe this is a big blow to any man. Who can stand having his girlfriend sleep with so many men? I must have said goodbye to her without saying a word, but now I've been with her for more than two years and I'm in a good relationship with my girlfriend. It's hard to part from her. When I met my girlfriend, she was already a restaurant owner, the restaurant area is not big, but tidy and clean, the food is very delicious and affordable, I also often go to patronize, slowly familiar with her, every time she went to receive me with a brilliant smile, let me feel moved, then began to pursue her.
When I was alone with my girlfriend, I would inevitably want to have a close contact with her, but the girl friend refused firmly. It really made me feel worn out, and I did everything with her. Even the last step would not let me break through.
Of course, I am very glad that my girlfriend values chastity so much. What puzzles me is that my girlfriend's bedding skills are very high. Sometimes I whisper in my heart that I am a virgin. How can I understand so many skills? Also asked her girlfriend, she explained to me that she had never eaten pork before and had seen * pig running.
Do you think this explanation can be justified? Which big yellow blossom girl will be okay to study those, but I also know from the girlfriend's mouth is not what to ask. Later, she accidentally saw her girlfriend's diary, only to know that she would understand these, unexpectedly when she was a young lady exercise out!
I read in my diary that my girlfriend, from a very poor family, has been eager to change her life, and has chosen to be a young lady after bumping into the wall everywhere. It is true that men are bad when they are rich, and women are bad when they get rich. My girlfriend wanted to be rich and keep her virginity. She became a technical virgin, and thanks to her ability to do so, she traded in a restaurant for a hundred men who slept with her technology.
If I were to change to another woman, I had no intention of judging whether it was advisable for them to trade themselves for money. But now I am faced with my girlfriend, so I have to think about it. Everyone has a thirst for money, but girlfriends use this so-called shortcut, for me, is really unacceptable. I don't have a virginity complex. If my girlfriend had lost her first time in a previous relationship, I wouldn't care much. But she is using her body to do a kind of trade, for me, I can not accept, even if she is physically virgin, such a technical virginity let me chill.