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After the husband cheats, the stupid ladies will cry with tears and snots to all the people in the world, which is tantamount to cutting off his last way home, who let the man lose face, who is tantamount to losing his heart as soon as possible. And the wise ladies will take up all his time and mind, so that he has no time and no energy to go outside to spend...
The "original mate" that the third child fears most is certainly not a roaring shrew, nor a weeping resentful woman, but a kind of gentlewoman who is in danger.
In the past, there are many things that happen in marriage. It seems that a beautiful young woman is more confident and aggressive towards her feelings than her wives.
In one program, she met a third-year client, she confessed that although the man had a family and children, but she constantly thought that I was winning the lottery: fragrant family background, master's degree, intellectual beauty, excellent work... Especially, the most important thing is that she believes he is definitely his confidante.
Sometimes we're together, chatting all night, talking about our ideals, talking about our relationships, even imagining our future life, all in harmony. He said I was his only friend. He was with his wife. Sometimes he didn't even say a word all day. If they were not young, they would have left early.
It is precisely because of this self-confidence, she is not anxious to mention marriage with him, anyway, sooner or later are in the bag, I can save a greater degree of status, so that in the future really married must also have more initiative.
Half a year later, the man's wife knew about their relationship, when the man said to her, "My wife knows, this period of time she must be with me, in case she comes to the door, you must be strong!" She allowed it. Actually, he was also a little happy in his heart. It was good to find out what had happened. It was time to force him to make a decision.
She was not afraid of his wife's coming to the house. The more rude and vulgar the woman was, the more he could hate him. Every third child likes a shrewd right wife, elegant opposition rough, men are not fools, who can not see who is good and who is bad!
But two months later, his wife not only did not come, but also he came less and less times. It used to be three or four times a week, now it's three or four times a month. She called back and forth to ask him about the news, and he said, "My wife's not moving around, and she told me specifically that she's been extremely busy recently, coaching me to nurture and select her, at a critical time of promotion, not having the time to take care of the children and let me take more care of her.
My parents are constantly in poor health. My daughter just went to primary school. She used to take care of the elderly and take the children to and from school. Now I have to do all these things. I'm not free at weekends. I have to accompany my daughter to dance classes. You have to forgive me, just get through this time! "
Although he said so, she still understood that I was not going to play with him.
But what she didn't understand was, "do you say his wife is stupid or stupid? When her husband had an affair, she still had a mood for overtime promotion. It was too hard to guess. She might as well have knocked on the door and made a scene. At least that was a good thing to do. But now this situation is so high that I am almost disintegrating.
Oh, standing on the standpoint of the onlookers, such a wife, of course, can not be really silly! She is brilliant at the moment: she does not gamble for a while, and knows how to win the final success with roundabout tactics. Outwardly, she never dispute. But "no dispute is contention", often used in the field of love is the most fierce military tactics.
We should know that the "original mate" that the third child fears most is certainly not a thundering shrew, nor a crying resentful woman, but a kind of gentlewoman who is in danger.
Like the wife who defeated the "100 points perfect little three girls," the most critical moment, she did not let the mood dominate the behavior, but to use her mind, launched a wise force. I want to stop my husband's spare time from occupying and planning. Let her husband get busy and let the complicated family work make him have no time to go to the romantic days.
In his real work, he found that more than 70% of men were derailed because their wives were too virtuous. She did all the things she could do at home and abroad. She offered her husband comfortable clothes like a child everyday. He had nothing to do at home. Of course, just come in and get into trouble!
Men all need a sense of accomplishment, this "sense of accomplishment" is simply a "sense of need", a man, by the needs of women, by the needs of relatives, this is to make him mature, assume the responsibility of the premise. The concept of "a good wife" in the new era is no longer a "top man inside and outside", but an understanding of "starting a husband to work". In a family, a woman has time to support herself more nourished; if a man has too much time, he is not allowed to have a family crisis at any time!
After her husband cheated, stupid ladies would cry to people all over the world with tears and snots, which is tantamount to cutting off his last way home, who let a man lose face, who is tantamount to losing his heart as soon as possible. The wise ladies would assign him jobs, fill him with time and ideas, and leave him no time or energy to go outside. Don't be afraid that he won't do it. In fact, when a man cheats, he feels guilty and guilty, so it's easier for him to ask about his wife.