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Private detectives analyze how men cheat: How many women are aware of their men cheating in a short time? There are always many women who know that my husband has been cheating. It's been a long time. When a man begins to betray, in order not to let his affairs "expose", he just desperately conceal, cover up, lie, lie again. But no matter how flawless he is, his words and manners will always show some indifference. Now, we will use magnifying glasses to see what typical measures are taken when men go off the rails.
Men's derailment performance 1: dress up to become young
If a man suddenly changes his style of dressing from being able and steady to being youthful and fashionable, takes off his suit shirt and puts on a T-shirt and jeans, hangs gray in his wardrobe, and red and white and even cartoon characters are armed, be careful not that he suddenly changes his style, but that Deliberately narrowing the gap between young lovers. Did Douglas fall in love with Zeta Jones and did not injections of meat?
Man's derailment performance 2: go home at night and take a shower.
When you go out, say, "The wife comes in and plays cards with the boys." Come back at night, no matter how tired you are, take a bath immediately. Why? Ha-ha! First, avoid the perfume left on the woman's body, and avoid the long hair that is different from the wife's hair. You can't see it if you wash it clean. Ferocious! What songs - perfume is poisonous, men have long had countermeasures.
Man's derailment performance 3: friends come forward to prove that he is innocent.
When a man comes home late or is often suspected by his wife, his buddies often volunteer to clear up the truth for him: that day, he was with us, sister-in-law, you are absolutely assured that my eldest brother is not that kind of person, I can testify. And swear that even if the eldest brother wants to cheat, our brothers will not spare him, marry your so virtuous sister-in-law, if he is not satisfied, dare to distort other women, see how we repair him.
In fact, his friends are like him, foxes and dogs, people say, things come together in groups, people in groups, this is absolutely right. The most common way for a man to spend his heart outside and be afraid of a backyard fire is to use these friends as a shield to convince his wife that he will return at night, but he is absolutely as good as his wife!
Man's derailment performance 4: suddenly give you great enthusiasm.
"Wife these dirty work I do, you have a good rest" - Vegetarian Day oil bottle poured can not help the main son, today is washing dishes and mopping the floor, how hard. Don't think you're finally looking forward to the bright moon. He's out with other women, and he'll feel a little guilty. When he comes home and sees you doing housework, his conscience finds something and gives back his enthusiasm. Make sure that you remember your lover's eyes tomorrow and return to the original form immediately. But sometimes it hurts outside, and the enthusiasm may be longer.
Men's derailment performance 5: companies often work overtime or travel.
This equation, which could not be established, would have happened after men went off the rails. When a man has an affair, he is sure to brag to his wife, so working overtime and traveling on business are the most powerful excuses. Recently, he always said to work overtime, or on business trips, less and less time at home, accompany you shopping is countless times. Although not all "workaholics" represent emotional infidelity, most men will work overtime and travel slowly from normal family life after the infidelity.
Men's derailment performance 6: mobile phones are closed at home.
A man with a lover usually shuts down when he gets home because he is afraid his wife knows something, and he is worried that his lover will call, so he either shuts down or vibrates when he gets home, in order that his bad deeds will not be noticed by his wife. Once you find out that your husband is home, turn off the machine.
The film "Cell Phone" has played infidelity "Infernal Affairs" to the utmost, from which women learn a lot of ways to detect the infidelity. But the rapid development of modern communications, what dual-card phones, secret phones, business phones, stealth phones, these problems will be solved. Husband's original mobile phone good suddenly changed, the new function is complete, is not a good phenomenon, there may be another reason!
Men's derailment performance 7: spending suddenly increased.
After the derailment, in order to please the Iraqi people, it is necessary to eat a candlelight dinner, send roses, drink coffee, which can show a man's gentleness and romance. What is romance? It is spending money with a girl on credit cards, making it less frequent.
In order to retain this romantic life, men had to save their private money desperately. In the past, generous to his wife's money now even if the number will be given to her, but how much unwillingness in the heart? As long as he knows. If a man doesn't have an extra income, he usually gives his wife all sorts of excuses not to pay her the same amount; if he has an extra income, he won't be as foolish as he used to be --- leaving nothing to his wife. Some men even quit smoking and drinking.
Men's derailment Performance 8: entertainment too much