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In order to find more fiber materials, buyers of Chinese paper mills are buying a wave of acquisitions worldwide.
On August 30, Nine Dragons Paper LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nine Dragons Paper, reached an acquisition agreement with Resolute Forest Products of Canada to acquire the company's Fairmont pulp mill in West Virginia.
The Fairmont plant, which was commissioned in 1995 and acquired by Resolute in 2012, has 95 employees and an annual output of 218,000 tons of recycled bleached kraft pulp (RBK), is one of three pulp mills in the world that produce air-dried recycled pulp and can be used to produce high-grade packaging paper and some domestic paper.
According to the agreement, Nine Dragons Paper will pay $55 million in cash and part of the operating capital, the acquisition is expected to be completed in two months.
The completion of the acquisition is the second acquisition of NDPaperLLC in the United States in 3 months. At the end of May, NDPaper purchased two Catalyst pulp and paper mills in the United States for $175 million. The two mills are located in Rumford, Maine, and Biron, Wisconsin, with a total pulp and paper production capacity of about 900,000 tons. The total acquisitions cost over 230 million US dollars (about 1 billion 570 million yuan).
Zhang Yin second son dominates North American acquisition
In mid-June, Nine Dragons announced that Mr. Ken Liu had been appointed Executive Director and Vice-Chairman since June 15, 2018. Mr. KenLiu was also appointed as the CEO of NDpaperLLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, responsible for North American business.
Mr. KenLiu, 26 years old, is the son of Zhang Yin and Liu Mingzhong, the younger brother of Liu Jinsong. He graduated with honors from the Department of Government at Harvard University, and has been a consultant to Pricewaterhouse Coopers for about two years. Since March 2016, Mr. Ken Liu has served as Vice-Chairman of Central South Company, the largest supplier of raw materials to Nine Dragons Paper, overseeing the company's development, marketing and overall management. In the announcement, Mr. KenLiu's annual salary is about 400 thousand dollars.
More Chinese companies are taking action in North America
In addition to Nine Dragons, there are other Chinese companies are investigating acquisition targets in the United States, and Shanying International is one of them.
In August 2018, GlobalWinWickliffe LLC, an indirect holding subsidiary of Zhejiang Shanying, signed an Equity Purchase Agreement with Verso Paper Holding LLC. GWW invested $16 million in a 100% stake in Verso Wickliffe LLC 1 held by Verso. The company will revamp the existing facilities of Verso Wickliffe and transform the existing newsprint production line into production. Packaging paper and building a waste paper production line to further stabilize the company's imports of raw materials supply.
Under GlobalWin's plan, the company will spend a total of $500 million on strategic investments in pulp, paper, packaging and recycling. GlobalWin plans to achieve more than US $1 billion in sales in the US by 2020.
In addition to Nine Dragons and Mountain Eagles, many Chinese companies are also looking for acquisitions in the United States, such as Taizhou Forest Paper, which is planning to buy a closed paper mill in the United States owned by West Rock.
Nanning Shengda paper 50 thousand tons of living paper project completed and put into operation
On August 29, according to the arrangement of Nanning's eighth major project opening and completion site in 2018 and China's (Hengxian) Jasmine Culture Festival in 2018, two major projects in Nanning Liujing Industrial Park - Nanning Shengda Paper Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 50,000 tons of advanced paper for daily use and southwestern twin group The regional headquarters base and the annual output of 240,000 tons of feed and 60,000 tons of premixed feed production projects will hold the completion site meeting. The completion site will be presided over by Xiao Ning, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee. The chairman of Shengda Paper Co., Ltd. and Li Jian, general manager of Nanning Twin Market Department will introduce the project. Xue Wen, chairman of the CPPCC, declared the project completed and put into production.
It is understood that Shengda Paper Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 50,000 tons of advanced domestic paper projects in two phases, the first phase of 30,000 tons of advanced domestic paper projects, the second phase of 20,000 tons of advanced domestic paper projects. The first phase of the project started construction in May 2009, passed the environmental protection acceptance in May 2013 and put into production formally. There are 16 circular-mesh paper machines and supporting pollution control equipment; the second phase of the project started construction in June 2017, adding 2 new 1300-meter environmental protection and energy-saving crescent high-speed toilet paper machines and 2 000 new ones provided by Shandong Dazheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Meter PF-EB full-automatic high-speed disc paper Slitter. The second phase of the project has an investment of 80 million yuan. It is estimated that after the project is put into operation, the annual output value will reach 300 million yuan, the tax revenue will be about 5 million yuan, and 30-50 jobs will be provided.

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